Sunday, 1 November 2015

November's Making Winter: the beginning

So, it's here, or at least it's just up the road, lurking round the corner.

I have done rather well with embracing it so far. There have been several of those golden-tinged days with the whiff of woodsmoke and leaf litter - days when the dreich weeks of January seem afar off and I have an urge to gather twigs for the fire whilst whistling a bit of Vaughan Williams and making a necklace out of crabapples. Days that gave me an urge to come home and crochet some tiny acorns with a tiny hook (1.5mm).

I'm not fooled though. It is a brief coppery season. The shiny conker brown before the mouldy grey. The freshly ploughed field before the slushy puddle.

In recent weeks our girls have just had two grim coughs back to back, with accompanying feverish, exhausting nights (for them and us). The airbed for small poorly folk is permanently occupied in our room just now (we may buy shares in Calpol). And so it begins...

Despite the lyrical blue skies and bright lights of the autumn leaves the clocks going back last week burgled sunlight from the late afternoons. Dusk looms early and makes my heart droop like a woolly swimming costume after a dip in the North Sea.


...tonight I'm starting the #making_winter hashtag on Instagram. If you went for a walk and a pheasant called across the fields and you found some lovely rosehips and it lifted your spirits

or you made some biscuits that helped you forget about the dishwater-isn skies outside,

or you mastered that quantum physics-like lace shawl,

...then you can post a picture, add the hashtag and enjoy the wintry glow. Others who may feel down in the knees in the coming months are bound to find it cheering. 

I've set up a bloghop linky below, which will remain here until the 1st December.....

If you've written about an emergency anti-drizzle cake (to cheer a day with incessant rain),

some therapeutic mittens,

the twigs you bent into a wreath to cheer the afternoon when you put your flip flops away,

or the blanket you're making that has helped you through the 'flu...

then you can share your post below, grab the code to pop the entire bloghop on your blog if you fancy.

My plan is for us to create a sort of electronic wintry crafting bee. A collection of heartening blogposts, a cosy instagram feed and a Twitter hashtag lined with quilts, yarn, hedgerow liqueurs, crochet cake and lovely twigs. A place of solace on the dreariest days. 

At the end of each month from now until March I'll be picking a favourite Instagram image or blogpost. I'm concocting four very lovely parcels of joy filled with things made by me, Mirta of Modern Botanics (see her work in my last blogpost) seeds for Spring from Benjamin at Higgledy Garden and OH all manner of treasure to cheer a winter's day.

We shall advance into winter armed with gargantuan cakes and crocheted guinea pigs and groaning nature tables and warming stews and frost-encrusted hedgerows. 

We shall not be defeated, and if all else fails there is always chocolate and youtube videos of teacup piglets. 



  1. I don't do Instagram and I don't make things (other than rose petal elixir and elderberry syrup, but those are done and dusted already), but I think that come Januaryish, you should kidnap Mrs Dottycookie and make a road/rail trip to Edinburgh and environs. Just saying. xoxo

  2. Anything guinea pig is good by me. I shall look forward to seeing all the bits of winter cheer. I love, love, love the photo of the blue squash with the white decoration on it, absolutely gorgeous. CJ xx

  3. Great I have a whole month, it takes me about that long to get in the swing. Looking forward to joining in.


  4. Hooray, it's here, your masterly plan of action to get us through horrid winter, hooray for you dear girl! One of the super, duper things that helps me are...FAIRY LIGHTS EVERYWHERE! Am looking at mine now and they certainly DO help me...a lot, so pretty!

  5. November already! And it's been so mild - we had our lunch outdoors on Oct 31 and Nov 1, surely that's never happened before! I haven't even started to get the pelargoniums under cover for the winter.
    But, as you know, I love the winter months - boots, warm clothes, walks looking for flocks of fieldfares and herds of deer...

    If I blog about cheery winter things I'll join the hop xx

  6. Hmm - must make a bara brith!

  7. Such a great idea, though I don't have a blog but will hashtag wintry photos on instagram. (niki_atthecottage)
    I'm in love with the crocheted oak leaf and acorn. How clever you are!
    Kind regards, Niki

  8. What a great idea. In those dark, grey days that are endless being able to log on to lots of lovely uplifting pictures will definitely help.

    I will endeavour to join in but I am a very basic blogger and most appears as a result of good luck rather than good management....

  9. Emma, I confess that I actually like winter very much...perhaps living in a big city helps that feeling.

    Although I am not on Instagram, I do like the idea of your blog hop.

    I'm pleased to report that I've recently acquired a used, but in good condition, paperback copy of The Concise British Flora in Colour. What a fabulous book it is!

    I've also knit my first pair of mittens...they are red.


  10. Hi Emma,

    Hope your daughters are feeling better! What a lovely idea the blog hop is. I may join you soon!

    Have a good week! Enjoy those golden autumn days!

    Madelief x

  11. Great idea. I hopped here from The Quince Tree. I may join you in the coming weeks. It still feels too mild here to be nearing winter... Will def join in on IG (sam_acoastaplot) though.

  12. Oh that was lovely Emma. I haven't read blogs for ages but when I saw your gorgeous pics on Fb I felt the need to come to yours again. I need this at the moment and am going to indulge in a catch up xx

  13. Hi Emma, Im afraid Autumn and Winter are my fave, such delicious foods, cosy clothes and warm fires after amazing walks!
    Em x

  14. Love it and done it! thanks for starting this up again. Its great.

  15. I put my flipflops away in August. Blardy southerners.

  16. This is such a lovely idea - I can't wait to read all these wonderful looking posts!

  17. yes to what Lynn said. and laughing at coffee lady! she's so right!

  18. Great post. Finding ideas to write about is one of the hardest things about running a blog. Please visit


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