Friday, 27 January 2012

Comforting winter salad

Mrs Thriftyhousehold and I hatched a very last minute plan for lunch today. After a hurried phone call I bunged some ingredients in a bag and drove to her place. 

I had some smoked mackerel and baby spinach leaves and I'd whipped up some quick croutons* and a  caesar-style dressing**. I added some marinated artichokes, slivers of parmesan and sunflower seeds. The creaminess of smoked mackerel always surprises me and it was good with the tangy dressing and the fresh crispy leaves.

My lunch partner had made her delicious roasted butternut squash and sage soup. It's hearty, warming and absolutely delicious.

Then the wintry sunshine was calling so we went for a walk. Sometimes last-minute plans are the best kind.

This month's cosy and comforting making winter project can be found in the last post and will be open until well into next month. The contributions are truly lovely so a huge thankyou to everyone who's shared their recipes or wintry images. Making Winter blogposts don't have to be long or elaborate - images of cups of hot chocolate, a favourite pair of mittens, a wintry walk or a tasty pie are perfect. Click here if you'd like to join in.

* Chunks of any bread tossed with 
A few rosemary leaves 
Onto a baking sheet, 
Into the oven at roasting temperature for 10 mins or until golden brown and crispy

** Three tablespoons of creme fraiche, mayonnaise or a 50:50 combination of the two
Squeeze of lemon
Few drops of white wine vinegar
Good dash of Worcestershire sauce
Few drops of oil from a tin of anchovies (optional)
Season (may not need salt)


marigold jam said...

I've just read the recip for the soup and was wondering how to make the croutons so many thanks for giving the instructions. Your lunch looks delicious and what fun to be able to drop in on a friend to share it. I can remember when I used to do that but sadly my friend now lives a four hour drive away!!

Country Girl said...

Mmmm, that sounds far more delicious than my lunch. Cupboards are sadly empty in my kitchen!

Thrifty Household said...

It was a very good last minute lunch...we should make time for that more often!

P.S. Mr TH agrees (& says that he doesn't usually get lunches like that!)

Rachel said...

It sounds like a great day - great food, great company - what could be better?

Pink Milk said...

Your lunch looks delicious. Absolutely my cup of tea! I've just added mackerel to my shopping list!

Don't you find that some of the best meals are those that have been 'thrown together'?!

Have a lovely weekend.


Magic Cochin said...

Oh yummy! And butternut squash and sage are made for each other :-)

My sort of food, thank you for the recipes.

Tabiboo said...

Oh my word Emma that sounds like my perfect lunch......all of it.

Have a lovely weekend

Nina xxx

by Teresa said...

I still haven't made your muffin recipe but plan to. Your lunch looks delish! I put a fun video on my blog of my big waterfall where I volunteer, hope you pop over and view it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Monica said...

delicious. totally delicious.

(and impropmtu plans are often the best.)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

All looks delicious - I don't even like mackerel, but would definitely try the salad! As for the butternut squash soup - oh yes! Lesley x

nimble fingers and steady eyebrows said...

Oh my that salad and soup sounds delicious, what a perfect winter lunch. I love smoked mackerel and butternut squash, I wish my cooking skills were up to such loveliness. Laura's (blogging partner Laura) cooking skills are so I might have to encourage her to cook up such deliciousness then invite me round! - Annie

driftwood said...

yum a feast x

Mrs. Micawber said...

I was just admiring those croutons on Mrs. TH's blog ... the salad looks wonderful.

wonderwoman said...

Yumm it all looks soo good - sorry my post is a little late! xxx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh my goodness, a hearty lunch in every way and winter walking with dear friends, life is so good when it's simple. Did you see We'll take Manhattan? I have been adjusting my eye make up ever since, tee hee!!!

Sarah -x-

Locket Pocket said...

Your winter salad sounds delicious! I had some comforting Kedgeree the other day - yummy! xx

Calico Kate said...

It's silly-a-time-o'clock, I can't sleep and now I feel reeeeally hungry!
Impromptu days are often the best, I so agree.