Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thirty nine

1973, channelling Brian Glover

I seem to have lost my blogging voice recently.

I'm not sure there's a lozenge for that.

All I can do is take a step back and hope it returns soon.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying my helium balloons, new red wellies and the chocolate hidden inside them this morning.

Later I'm looking forward to eating the cake made by Mr P and his two small helpers (their first cake-making adventure) and opening the exciting parcel that just arrived from a faraway friend.

Mr P is taking me for a romantic kebab this evening (our favourite kind of date).

That birthday is just a year away now. Should I be daunted?

Thanks so much for popping over to visit (see - I'm even waving with my feet).

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Beady outreach

Recently I've been thrilled to find a few little treasures whilst trawling antique markets.

When I stumbled on a tiny vintage sterling camera charm I had to have a little sit down. Then I found a teapot charm too. It was almost too much.

Putting together tiny collections like this charm bracelet is one of my favourite kinds of jewellery making. It's like wearing a miniature cabinet of curiosities on the wrist. There's a little brass locket on there too with a tiny vintage mother of pearl button hiding inside.

A Spring-like mid century forget-me-not locket was another thrill to discover.

Beady outreach is a good feeling too. Broken and neglected necklaces are whisked off to my equivalent of the dolly hospital. These 1950s opaque glass blossom beads were lying sad and tired at the bottom of a bits box in a junk shop.

These three treasures formed a mini etsy and poppytalk handmade update today.

Monday, 11 April 2011


..nature conjures something so astonishing that only a picture can do it justice.

Snakeshead fritilaries blow me away.

It's a chequered flower. For crying out loud!. That's some flabbergasting evolution. You can visit meadows and meadows of them here.

My fritillary is growing in its own tiny water meadow (galvanised bucket with limited drainage).

As though it weren't lovely enough I had a gobsmacking thrifting moment recently.

Can you spot it?

Yep. A vintage snakeshead fritillary teacup.

Oh my sainted aunt.

Friday, 8 April 2011


Our vintage trestle table has cheered me up no end in the last day or so. I'm sure it's helped to banish my sore throat and cough. About time too - arriving uninvited and staying around for two weeks is just rude if you ask

I drank my first cuppa sitting at it this morning. It felt very good in the sunshine.

Yesterday the first meal was eaten around it. The girls and I (and a small friend) had made a kind of mini cafe, complete with lighted lantern.

Apparently it was made in the fifties. I like to think it was used in a village hall, although its seen some decorating action too - there are splashes of paint here and there.

The surface is so worn and smooth. At first I thought I might paint it but the wood grain is too lovely.

It's a good table. We're hoping for fun times round it this Spring and summer.

Edited to add: Another thing that's perked me up is firing and polishing this commissioned rose pendant just now - a present for a thirtieth birthday.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Spring notebook

I'm not going to lie, I'm quite tired- there's been more 'flu-like illness round here and there's another child off school. I am at risk of becoming a blog whingebag/broken record on this topic so I will not dwell on it.

Instead I've taken a leaf out of Lynn's book today, for which read totally half-inched her post idea:

Weather: Spring-like and warm

Feeling: jaded but cheered by the sunshine.

Wishing for: a few weeks free of virus

Remembering: that warmer weather is here and that my rhubarb will make a very good crumble.

Focussing on: vintage sixty-year old trestle found at carboot - our new old garden table.

Wondering: when we'll have our first meal in the garden.

Grateful for: the astonishing ability of an easel and paints to cheer a little girl.

Triumph: rediscovering Percy Piglets*

*Which I snapped for Poppytalk Spring Colour Week. Today's colour is pink and there is goodness to see in the Flickr pool here.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Life is pretty hectic at the moment. Good hectic, but still, there seems less time to blog. This image is a flashback to exactly a year ago - an early morning warm and sunny sandpit session. I'm hoping there might be a few more of these in the coming weeks.

I'm horribly overdue with the draw for the little cherry blossom necklace. My draw raised £75 for the British Red Cross effort in Japan so huge thanks for that. The winner of the necklace picked by is the tenth receipt, Mandy of A Beatnik Love Affair. Congratulations Mandy, if you will email me your address it will be in the post very soon.

I have both kite-themed and rose-themed jewellery projects on the go at the moment. More on those stories later...